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A Very Married Christmas

We’re standing in the kitchen.  I move fluidly from dishwasher to counter, bending, stacking–bowls, dishes, cups, goblets.

Husband is at the cupboard behind me.  I rotate, wordless, and hand him his favorite glass-he replaces it to the shelf and continues swallowing his vitamins.

I interrupt his healthy intake once again, this time with the rainbow-colored stack of Ikea cups.  Without a word, he fits them on the shelf next to our stash of kid-safe plastics.

I love this morning routine–coffee pot steaming and gurgling, the bird clock chiming it’s 8 am hour–the robin, I think–and the garbage truck outside our window beep-beep-beeping.

It all feels so safe–full of comfort and joy.  The silent, sure sounds of an easy morning, a gift to me.

How restful to be here, next to my humming husband, confident of his presence, his help, his silly whistling to the birds, the all-of-it that makes this early quiet time feel like we been doing this for a thousand years.

God reminds me of a soul prayer I had at the beginning of Advent , not a spoken request, a written non-lament (in the book I never finished).  It was a prayer of wondering, “I don’t know what I want, but this is what I think I need”–and I realize the answer is standing right here next to me.

The quiet feeling like a well worn pair of old warm slippers, pouring my juice while I make the coffee, humming ‘Frosty the Snowman’ while I unload the dishes…It’s a quiet symphony of comfort and joy, a gift to my soul from my Saviour–a married Christmas.
This is a re-post from two years ago. I was reminded again of how blessed I am with my husband.

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  • Kimberlee Conway Ireton

    Jody, this is lovely! I could just see the two of you moving gracefully, unconsciously, habitually in your kitchen. What a wonderful snapshot of life together.

  • Jody Lee Collins

    Nancy, so grateful I could inspire…..long marriages are a gift from God–and His glue is the only one that works!


    You painted such a lovely picture of the two of you, Jody. And you are so right: there is MUCH comfort and joy in a long-term marriage. 'Think I'll start a specific gratitude list of moments such as you've described here, to celebrate God's gift of growing old(er) together! Thank you for the inspiration, friend.

  • Jody Lee Collins

    It gets better each year. SO worth the trouble 🙂 but I'm grateful for God's glue to hold us together.

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