Hi there! If you’d like to drop me a line with a comment or a question, you’re in the right place. Just use the form below so we can connect.

Or….if you landed here via Instagram, Facebook (or that lovely widget on my sidebar) #iola Magazine is yours for the asking, at $2.50 off the Amazon price.


What is iola? (from Editor, Abigail Partridge), “If you love good design, creativity, reading, and music, – iola is for you.
If you’ve ever wondered about how to manage all the things: family, meaningful work, creative pursuits and how not to lose your self in the process, – iola is for you.
If you have faith in God but at times might describe your relationship with him as complicated and have been hurt on life’s road, – iola is for you.”

Interested? Use the form below and we’ll exchange info and addresses. I’ll be in touch about payment and get you a copy coming your way. 

You can also connect with me on Twitter @jodyo70Facebook  and Instagram @jodyo52.

And? Snail mail is my favorite love language, hence the cheesy illustration. You can send me an email to get my address. (Yes, I see the irony.)

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