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Coming Around Again for Refine Retreat Journal--essay

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Pressed into Joy and Revelation for iola magazine–poetry  


Several years ago I had the privilege of contributing to “Bombshells-War Stories and Poems by Women on the Homefront” edited by Missy Martin, where an essay of mine was included about my nephew Jeremy. I was honored to tell his story about joining the Marines.

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3 thoughts on “Writing in Other Places

  1. Laurie Klein, Scribe

    So very glad for your happy ending! And isn’t that crazy, back-to-back in a book before meeting face-to-face!

    1. Jody Lee Collins

      Oh my goodness….and here we are years later as friends! I just looked it up–your story’s right after mine. What are the chances?
      I probably read it the first go ’round but will take time to look at it again.
      (What a small world–so glad you’re in it!)


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