Accompaniment {a #poem}

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Birds, their tones both winged and bright
Harmonize from branches out of sight
Know their parts, score memorized
Flash and zoom before my eyes.

Soprano, alto, second, bass
Throaty praises from branchy place
Echo, float, reverberate
A pause, then celebrate

Mornings’ rise first slow and quiet
Against dull backdrops now a riot
Their songs a span of treble and bass
Background my day, this hallowed space.


The daybreak song of birds seems brighter and more clear than ever before. Have you noticed? I tried to to capture their music ((impossible)) by playing around with meter and rhyme. I hope the joy comes through the verses.

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  1. Numerous birds offer the soundtrack for my quiet time–when I’m able to meet God on our back deck. This spring has not offered many opportunities–only two so far–due to chilly temps and much rain. But I think you’ve captured very well the delight of their music! Especially love the cluster of delicious verbs in these two lines: “Echo, float, reverberate /A pause, then celebrate.” Indeed, birds do contribute much to our hallowed, outdoor, quiet-time spaces. Looking forward to your poetry-in-print, Jody!


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