Address-God’s Word {a #poem}

My friend Parris’ street–New Orleans, April 2012
It is a surprise to me after all these years
to hear a word from your Word
and know in an instant the address of the lines.
I was sure my memory could never retrace
the whereabouts of what I’d heard
over the years, no matter how hard I tried.
There’s a subtle shift;
an “I know that place! I’ve been there!” 
is sneaking in.
I know where God lives, remember the house,
the cracks and lines in the street.
All those years of wandering–
using the wrong map
driving in circles
missing the turn off 
to find my place 
at Your Place.
And now…the spoken signs 
have become music to my ears
water to my soul
a marker from my Maker
Who built himself a home–
this wide, wonderful world,
and welcomed me in with His words.
I love the street where He lives.

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One thought on “Address-God’s Word {a #poem}

  1. Jody, this was beautiful and a wonderful way to start my day in reading your words! thank you.

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