Lake Quinault, WA Coast
It’s a long weaning, a letting go,

This gradual goodbye

To the everyday anchors holding me here,

This life-giving circle of friends,

Cheering from the sidelines

I t N   B h E e T  W o E  l  E d N


T t H h E   N i E s W?

Or This??

Emptying out the pockets

of my full and comfortable past,

Laying the scraps on the table,

Used up crumbs from bread

I cannot taste and do not need.

Winnowing the weights on the way—

Where to?

Who with?

How so?

What now?


Only this leaving, stretching out the farewells

Like labor bringing new birth.

I’m attending to tracing

The faces and voices,

Smiles, warm hands

And all-welcoming ways.

Soon it will be “so long”,

Me with a suitcase of well-wishes,

Pictures emblazoned on the side,

Reminding me of those

Who wave from the sidelines

As we push away from the shore

One slow, sure stroke at a time.
Sharing with Emily for Imperfect Prose on Thursdays
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