Anchor–Word for the Year

When God is beginning a new work in me (and isn’t He always, if I let Him?) he gently nudges me with a word. 

Those words or themes have always ended up in my journals as I write through the year, confirmed throughout my reading and in messages; ‘sacred echoes’ of God’s thoughts towards me.

Last year it was the word ‘Fit’–as in, “adaptable or suited to a purpose”. “Fit” as in ‘having a fit’‘Fit’ as in, “I don’t……….fit.” 

There’s another way (there are many) that the word is used which God made clear to me at the end of 2013–

“the life I have planned for you won’t fit in this container you have; I need to blow it apart and start over again.”  

As God continues to enlarge the work in me, the word I’ve been hearing Him whisper for this new year is “anchor”, over and over again.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, 
firm and secure, 
both sure and steadfast.”  Hebrews 6:19

‘anchor’–from the Greek–‘agkos’, a bend, an ache, 
an arm, 
as curved or crooked to hold

How I need Him to hold me now.  
ANCHOR–that’s my word for this year.
Because He is. Especially now.
:husband’s kite, Whidbey Island  Summer 2013:
Linking with the soul sisters
at Soli Deo Gloria

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8 thoughts on “Anchor–Word for the Year

  1. I like the word anchor. I have been pondering, asking God for an anchor verse for the year. None has jumped out yet but I think if I stay open, maybe God will show me one. Anchor sounds stable, and strong. Weathering the storm. provided deep security. good word. you have me thinking….

  2. Amazing, that Christ is both the “Solid Rock” and the “Anchor.” Both the Door of the sheepfold, and the Good Shepherd. He is all around us, protecting us and giving us everything we need.
    Beautiful words, my dear friend.

  3. The definition of “anchor” caught me by surprise: “an arm…curved,,,to hold.” I had never considered the shape of an anchor, with its strong, curved arms, ready to hold. Such beautiful, comforting imagery of our Heavenly Father–the anchor who holds! I look forward to more insight about “anchor” as the year progresses!

  4. good word, I'm trying to think of that old hymn about the Lord being an 'anchor' in the storm. DO you know what one I'm talking about? I love that song, I love this word…..Good word

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