Prinderella and the Cince (A Tairy Fale)

My pastor friend Frank Bailey has a saying, “Laughter is the voice of joy.”  I will heartily ‘amen!’ that. Especially now. Oh, how our world needs joy and laughter–the crazy memes a daughter sends in a text, the wisdom of a four year old, the joke an old friend tells–we need joy and we need laughter and we need fun.

“There is nothing better for them than to be joyful and do good as long as they live.” Eccl. 3:12

When the presence of God permeates our soul we are not limited by the depths of despair in this world but have a hope right now.  Hope and freedom–freedom from the bondage and lies that want to keep us looking down instead of up. A freedom to laugh and have fun, not because we are frivolous or uncaring, but because we are His.

To that end (and because it’s my birthday week and I Can Do Anything I Want) I would like to read a story that I hope will make you laugh. It’s in my most serious schoolmarm voice (like I did in our church talent show a few years back).

Without further ado, I bring you “Prinderella and the Cince” (two minutes, 46 seconds of tang tonguling…)


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4 thoughts on “Prinderella and the Cince (A Tairy Fale)

  1. Sisty uglers. Rirty dags. Shirty Dame slops her drippers. Oh Hurray!! I used to include this one in my storytelling sessions. Loved hearing it again!! Thank you. 🙂

  2. Word play. What delightful fun. And enjoy this birthday week!

  3. By the time the sisters were glancing with dee, I was chuckling. Such fun! And thank you for the reminder that humor is a God-given gift to be opened OFTEN!

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