Anna Waits {a #poem}

Next to Simeon the Prophet

she waited. Widow with a word,

forthtelling of coming light.

There was nothing else
calling her name but His
across the years like an
echo from The Garden
so long ago.

She’d been seeking
(was He hiding?)
for what else was her
life but this–an always
looking in the temple courts,
trusting the doorway
would be darkened some day
when Light came in the room.

This poem is part of a small ebook collection “Emmanuel Poems-Verses for the Holidays” available on Amazon HERE.

Photo: Doorway c. 1843, building in Posillipo, Italy. c. JL Collins 2022

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2 thoughts on “Anna Waits {a #poem}

  1. Lovely, Jody! Like Anna, I want to be steadfastly determined, always looking for the doorway from heaven to earth to be darkened by the Light coming to take us home!

    1. YES & Amen, Nancy:) SUCH an exquisite poem, Jody!

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