How I Became a Twitter Convert and Kept My Salvation

I am still basking in the afterglow of a rich and rewarding 5 days at the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College in Michigan. (Thank you, Grand Rapids, snow and all.) Since I have few available brain cells left for writing, I present to you a post from a n o t h [...]

When God Writes Your Name in the Sand

~your name here~ If one were going to find a classic definition of the word 'love', one would have to consider (provided you spoke English) Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem asking, How do I love thee? Nevertheless, one could also consider the Hebrew language, which remarkably dissects a word so the clearer definition is always given if one [...]

Worry & Wonder–Holy Week

"Only in those moments of vivid experience that made her come alive was she at home in her own country."    --Marianne in Green Dolphin Country, Elizabeth Goudge, Hodder&Stoughton, 1944 Friend T and I were chatting on Instagram the other day about my favorite author (see above). There's no writer I can recall whose stories [...]

Leafworks (a poem)

Like the bound bud in the almost bloomed magnolia, there is life ready to burst, tight secrets on the God side buried within these cool, bright days. I'm waiting, watching, counting the sleeps until a quiet wonder world awakes. Amazed, I waltz between the longest watch from each dormant doorway, through the chill and darkened mornings [...]

Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Is That the Right Question?

"Harbor me in the eye of the storm I'm holding on to love you swore."  -John Mark McMillan, Love You Swore The other day on Instagram I asked: “How come we never wonder why good things happen to good people? Or why good things happen to bad people?” My thoughts were a version of that [...]