Bird Seed–Twitter Poems

Tweetspeak Poetry, the fullsome webspace curated by the gifted LL Barkat, was borne out of Twitter poems, concise lines of poetry confined to 140 characters. Note: these were written before Twitter allowed a whole 280 characters. Many lines are responses to photo prompts, others just me trying to wrap words around my life. I was surprised at the freedom afforded by having the constraints of only 140 characters. Form forces function, maybe?



Death come to life,

beauty buried in bark

against a blue sky,

dreaming of green.


Trapped in educationese

translating myself out of a corner,

I bring the child with me

but you’d rather bury us with words.


When the flowers waltzed

back into the room

the darkness danced away.


Ochre red feather duster

against a gray cotton sky.

Soft Spring surging.


Reading forsythia,

preface to Spring,

telling me there’s more to come.


Why the swirling curling

colors of sky?

Was Vincent looking for North

and lost his star?



Jump rope skipping

wide door open

fragrance wafting

blue sky calling

children laughing

Spring kinda day.



(After Easter)

The day is empty tomb new

wide open and blazing white

with possibilities.


Here’s to all the women walking busward

bags in hand, kids in care,

hard work and hope on the horizon.


Grey girders gash against the crowded sky,

filling my birds eye blue view

with dollar signs

on a horizon of diminishing returns.



Noisy books calling ‘Read me!’

I grab each spine & confine them

to their basket-y space

To Get Something Done.

I hear whispers still…


The sound of happy

is rain falling



tipping the watery scales

leaf-wise on this

quiet, shushing morning.

(for my son’s birthday)

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3 thoughts on “Bird Seed–Twitter Poems

  1. What fun – seems like a great thing to try, especially for those times when I feel stuck! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. These are wonderful, Jody!! You're encouraging me to try my hand at this brief form. Thanks so much for sharing them here – you are a gifted poet, my friend.

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