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At the end of the road near our church is a county sign announcing the imminent construction of two more cell towers to accompany those already standing there in the woods.

As I drove home after church I thought, “Why do we need four cell phone towers?  There must be a lot of communicating going on…”

I have no idea how to build a cel phone tower (is it one ‘l’ or two)?
I imagine one would need very tall lifts of some kind, a bunch of dangerous welding-type equipment and a crew of people who aren’t afraid of heights.

I have no cel phone tower building tool kit, able to construct stories-high structures to send information over the airwaves.
But I have another kind of toolkit.

I can write–I have paper, I have pens, I have books, I have a computer, and I have a voice.

And I can use my voice to talk about building freedom. 
I hope to create a structure to communicate across the air waves a message that can bring release.
(If I could climb a tower, I would, but my keyboard will have to do.)

I hope this structure will communicate to you something you may be unaware of–the issue of bondage and slavery in the 21st century.
What’s the issue?  Human Trafficking in all its dire forms–prostitution, child molestation, forced labor–every form of human evil.

When I got up for church on Sunday morning I didn’t think, “I’m gonna write tomorrow’s blog post about darkness and evil. I think I’ll share about prostitution and child molestation.”

But then I went out for the Sunday paper and saw the headlines: 
“Putting a Face on Human Trafficking.”

Okay. I’ll take this simmering-in-my-heart story and share it. For it has been simmering there many, many months. For such a time as this.

The tragedy of Human Trafficking in South King County (the greater Seattle area) extends to children and women held in captivity–beaten, bought and sold–in a growing racket that is hidden scourge of our city.

NOW, I realize the prevalence of human trafficking and the sex slave trade is not confined to our fair state–that is the bad news.

But there is good news.

There are growing, grassroots organizations ministering to those coming out of prostitution in many places.
I want to tell you about two I know in my own backyard–both begun by people who said ‘enough is enough’ and decided to do something about it.
The first group is
Arts Aftercare was started by Seattle-ites Curtis Romjue and his wife Grace.
Arts Aftercare’s mission is “equipping artists to connect with and care for youth recovering from human trafficking.”
This non-profit has THEIR tools for building as well, “Healing Arts Toolkit”, providing avenues for recovery through art therapy.

Curtis and his wife are musicians and use the platform and ministry of their music to share the message of Arts Aftercare.
This coming weekend in Philadelphia they have the privilege of singing and sharing at Justice Conference 2013.

The Justice Conference’s blog has this tag:
‘Pursuing Justice–the Call to Live and Die for Bigger Things’
You can read more about the great work of Arts Aftercare HERE. (and maybe send some support?)

Another non-profit providing help and support to women coming out of the sex slave industry in the Seattle area is the Genesis Project.
This is an outreach started by the wives of two police officers who were tired of hearing about the rescue of women from domestic abuse and sex slavery who had nowhere to go.

These women and their husbands pooled their own funds and founded a shelter for women who can find help and protection in their recovery. It is a 3 phase program involving Rescue, Restoration and Release and it has grown in support and success since its beginning just a few years ago.

You can read more about the Genesis Project, their work, their vision and their mission here.

A fellow Washingtonian and wonderful blogger–who blogs as Simply Darlene–also wrote on this subject last year and had some great resources and links to share.

Why talk about all this?  Why spend time on the difficult, dark subjects that rattle us?
Jesus said we are to be lights in this world.  His light warms, it reflects and it reveals.

His light also sets free.

Proverbs 24:11-12 
“Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.
If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,”
does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?
Does not he who guards your life know it?
Will he not repay each person 
according to what he has done?”

Go with the light that you have.


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  1. Jody, again, we need to talk. Sometimes I wonder if I'm supposed to help turn kids away from this slavery. Yet, even though I came from it, I could speak about it, as bluntly as possibly [which I am], but not be on the streets. Always makes me want to go for someone's throat… pulls off my “kindness”, believe me. Anyway… much, much on my heart. Maybe, I need to write one of MY stories. Have, but wouldn't probably be acceptable in most Christian views, even though it's aimed at the Lord. Hmm! Been wondering…

    You got me again…

  2. Yes, Nancy, God is shining His light in dark places. We can all do a little bit, even with our 'little' voices.

  3. thank you, Jen. I believe God has things on the horizon for us NW Christian bloggers….raising awareness and drawing together. Thank you for your encouragement.

  4. This issue IS coming to the forefront, and Christians are taking up the cause. I've heard about it on Christian radio, it's been in the newspaper, you and other bloggers are raising awareness on your platforms. I add my voice to Jen's: May the strongholds be loosed!

  5. Woo Hoo! Another Seattle-ite! Gotta love the Northwest! Glad to see you promoting the plight of Human Trafficing and the reality of what takes place where no one sees. I am up North, but am seeing a move of God here also with getting the word out and soliciting resources and people to campaign against such an abominable crime. Blessed to hear your voice, unsettling for silence! UNTIED with you dear friend ~ Jen

  6. thanks, Jen. I have more ideas for getting the word out tucked away in my heart. We'll see what Jesus has.

  7. Lisa, I really think this is the Civil Rights issue of our century. And believers HAVE to do something about it 'cause law enforcement and politics cannot help or bring the change needed–only Jesus.

  8. JoAnne–what a great idea….God deposits so much in young people–hallelujah!

  9. I'm praying that many in your area find out about this project and I'm praying for freedom and deliverance from this darkness. May the strongholds be loosed!

  10. Jodi:
    A young friend of mine, fresh out of Bible college, is moving to Seattle in the Spring and will be looking for some place to put her hand to the plow. I will forward this to her. Thanks.

  11. Beautiful, Jody! Thanks so much for sharing Arts Aftercare with your readers. And thanks for using your “tools” to cry out for justice. May the Lord grant you favor and bless your efforts with success.

    Love, Jeanne

  12. This is beautiful, Jody. I'm waking up more and more to the issue of human trafficking. I don't want to see it, but if it's there, I need to know about it and do something about it too. I'm still in the “I don't know what to do” stage but I'm praying about how God can use me to take action. Thanks for sharing what's on your heart.


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