Early Weekend–Take me Away

Stitching together my Sabbaths in chunks of time, because that is all I have in the midst of our current remodeling project, and reading God in the Yard by LL Barkat (TSPoetry Press), I was moved to write this as I sat down outside the other day.

Father, thank you that in the midst of cardboard
containers stacked in front of me at every turn,
in the face of holes in the wall
left by switching wires and cables 
and things that must be plugged in,
paperwork crammed in a basket out of my reach….
that I MUST 
get away
to be with you,
rather than face the fixing.

I must.

It is in these times of finding you,
your peace, your voice to me
like a spring of water 
oozing life in little sips
when I need it, soaking the rest of my days;
this–this is what has sustained me,
kept my head (and my heart) 
in the right place instead of 
just freaking out.

I can see why Jesus,
in the face of needy, broken, 
messy multitudes,
did NOT stand
there and try to DO
but instead stole time away 
to be with you, 
filling him with power 
by changing his perspective.

Getting away
trains us Who to long for
teaches us where to look
  tells us what to listen for.

I’m listening…..how about you?

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For the Weekend–Anthem

Last night I had the privilege of hearing Fernando Ortega perform his worshipful, anointed music at a conference with Anne Graham Lotz. 
(Never heard of him?  Check it out here.)

There was a line in one of the songs we sang that had the word ‘anthem’ in it. 
That word has been coursing through my spirit for a couple of weeks.

I looked it up and found out (no surprise to many of you) it is from the Greek, ‘antiphon’–sounding in answer, a voice in return, a hymn of praise.’

All of creation was made to ‘answer back’ to the Creator; why? I wondered.  

Thanks to this book, I’ve been stitching together the minutes I can to take a Sabbath break and ask God-directed questions like, 

“Why do the branches of everything shoot skyward?  
Why do tree limbs head up and out?”
Why are the clouds stacked up-up-up as they scud across the blue?

Why indeed?  They are ‘answering back’ to their Creator. 

May we ever do the same.

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For the Weekend–How Does He KNOW???

Moi, 18 mos. old (??) atop my parents’ car, Gardena, CA   
The whole of this verse says,
“Upon you I have leaned from birth,
you are he who took me from my mother’s womb
My praise is continually of you.”

How could that be true?  How did God know me from birth?

I didn’t give my life to Jesus until I was 19 years old.

My mother passed away before I could ever ask her about my given name–Joanna.
Several years later I found it right there in the book of Luke–
Joanna was one of Jesus’ followers. (8:3)
Just like me.
She was at the tomb when he was resurrected (24:10)
Is there any greater joy?

I may not have been walking with Him but He knew I would be His
from my birth.

How gracious He is to take me from my mother’s womb and to make me His.

My praise is continually of Him.
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