Happy Birthday Jay Seuss {a Christmas Post}

One Christmas Eve, 2008 to be exact, my son and his wife stayed overnight with us so we could all be together when our two young grandsons woke up the next morning. We tucked the kids into bed that night after church and proceeded to turn our living room into Santa’s workshop. I don’t recall exactly what my son and daughter-in-law were building, but I’m pretty … Continue reading Happy Birthday Jay Seuss {a Christmas Post}

Anna Waits {an Advent Poem}

Next to Simeon the Prophet she waited. Widow with a word, forthtelling of coming light. There was nothing else calling her name but His across the years like an echo from The Garden so long ago. She’d been seeking (was He hiding?) for what else was her life but this–an always looking in the temple courts, trusting the doorway would be darkened some day when Light came in … Continue reading Anna Waits {an Advent Poem}

Celebrating Santa and the Savior

Weaving together the wonder of Christmas involves one part honoring the birth of our Savior and one part honoring the life of a saint. Nicholas, to be exact. Yes, we know we’re celebrating Jesus’ birthday, but the fact is we get all the presents. It would be easy to blame our culture and their cashing in, literally, on the character of Santa Claus, but let’s … Continue reading Celebrating Santa and the Savior