#whyisitcalledahashtag {a #poem}

#whyisitcalled a hashtag? and not a number sign as in “#3”? (or n-o period 3?) For that matter, why is it a “pound sign”? (as in “Please enter your password, followed by the pound sign?” (my son did not weigh 7#’s 3 oz. it was lbs., thank you.) You’re calling it a hashtag for tweeters who twitter (or tweet? yes, tweet…….. but that’s a bird) … Continue reading #whyisitcalledahashtag {a #poem}

True Wood {a #poem}

Pears thunk and plop on barren, yellow grass alone, uncarried. The tree bore fruit but there is no one to eat thereof. (is it still a tree?) Upraised branches, so much verdant waterspray towards the sky, still and soft against the blue– but no one to see. (is it still a tree?) Oaken limbs, worn with carrying children to and fro, pumping, playing jumping, but … Continue reading True Wood {a #poem}

If Words Were Pictures {a poem}

If words were pictures, I’d see them there, A string of suspended steps sunk into the sky. Mine, a stairway— I said goodbye and went on… Climbing upward, upward. Yours—a thousand steps, but ground-level, flat; stretching forward in a solitary line. You said, “I almost died,” then put one foot in front of the other and continued to live, one painful step at a time. … Continue reading If Words Were Pictures {a poem}

Manna Menu {a #poem}

Blue Plate Special–Good Today ONLY Get your own bread, Stop grabbing off your sister’s plate And eyeing your brothers’. I gave them just what they need— I’ll do the same for you. “What is it?” “Manna.” “What is it?” “Yes.” “but what IS  it?” “You’ll just have to taste and see.” “So what’s good today?” you ask. We have items that are seasonal, depending on what’s ripe … Continue reading Manna Menu {a #poem}