When God Writes Your Name in the Sand

~your name here~ If one were going to find a classic definition of the word 'love', one would have to consider (provided you spoke English) Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem asking, How do I love thee? Nevertheless, one could also consider the Hebrew language, which remarkably dissects a word so the clearer definition is always given if one [...]

Worry & Wonder–Holy Week

"Only in those moments of vivid experience that made her come alive was she at home in her own country."    --Marianne in Green Dolphin Country, Elizabeth Goudge, Hodder&Stoughton, 1944 Friend T and I were chatting on Instagram the other day about my favorite author (see above). There's no writer I can recall whose stories [...]

How to Lent-Spiritual Practice for the Rest of Us

The city of New Orleans has a singular reputation for “laissez les bon temps rouler” (“let the good times roll”) no matter what time of year. During Mardi Gras, though, the celebrations take on an over-the-top frenzy that is hard to match. It is also somewhat hard to believe unless one is actually there in [...]