What to do When Your Pants Don’t Fit, and other Resolutions


It’s the beginning of a New Year, a new start, a fresh beginning. 

Are you making any resolutions?  I’ve made only one. It’s like the over arching bridge that supports all the rest of my year. 

My resolution? To remember whose I am.  

I have the privilege of Guest Posting over at Jennifer Dukes Lee’s place today for her Preapproved series. She’s asked several bloggers to weigh in on how God spoke to them through the book she wrote last year, “Love Idol”.

The book is about understanding whose and what we are. Loved by God.

Because I am.  Preapproved.

Click here to read about how I dealt with an annoying 15 extra pounds and a new pair of jeans. I’m guessing maybe you can relate.

And you might find a way to make a resolution of your own.


This post is second in a sporadic series on a book I’m reading that is changing my life: God in the Yard, by LL Barkat. I will post my discoveries as I process them. This is not a book review, per se, but perhaps a book invitation…
I watch the clouds drift by on this sunless day, pushed by the wind.

The only reason I notice they’re moving is because I am sitting still.

I think about the children of Israel being led by God’s presence in a cloud by day and I think:
The only way to know if God is moving in your life is to be still.

God made the Sabbath for a reason.

It makes sense that the only way to know there is a pattern or a cycle in your life is to do the same thing
once a week-take a Sabbath–to mark your days.

Light a candle, make a circle around a day, a time. Be purposeful to take a forced stop.

In your intentionality, you can say, “This is the marker where I made time to remember God.”

Otherwise, life goes in a straight line, back and forth, back and forth, 
and all we end up with instead of rest, is a rut.

I want rest.

I’m choosing Sabbath.

This Sunday, on purpose, I will go nowhere in my car……… (other than to church).  
Seems like a small thing; but that’s my first start at stopping. How about you?
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