God With Us, Always

I realize it’s still a few days before Halloween, but unless you’ve been under a rock (or in North Dakota somewhere) you know the Christmas parade has started in stores all across the land. (My apologies to anyone in either of the Dakotas). Yes, the holidays are fast on the heels of All Hallow’s Eve [...]

Celebrating Motherhood

This is not the post I intended to write for this week, but I was overcome with gratefulness for my children. Excuse me while I gush.L to R, daughter Leah, Son Aaron, family friends1984Husband in the Firetruck, Son Aaron behind himDIL Courtney in front, daughter Leah on rightfirst grandson Hanan (now 12)Daughter Leah practicing her [...]

A Broken Hallelujah

     For those of you with the Shrek song running through your heads, I'll give you a few moments. La, la, la......  (If you want to sing along with the original songwriter Leonard Cohen, click here.)  Okay, done? How about now?~~~~~~~~~I have a little brother--I am the oldest of five children--who actually is not 'little' anymore. [...]