Writer’s Retreat Recap–Yes, He Abides

my friend Laura S. and I leading worship~~~~~~~~~~~Worship--A PantoumInside, two friends bend hearts towards Godstops and starts, voices raised, a daring duostrums and strings bring songs alivewhile the Holy Spirit sings His song over youStops and starts, voices raised, a daring duocarrying water for thirsty soulswhile the Holy Spirit sings His song through youdeep channels, [...]

That Still, Small Voice

One of the best things about teaching Elementary School as a substitute teacher is hanging out with second graders (my favorite grade--innocent, love their teachers, AND they can usually tie their shoes). The other thing about Second Grade is that every February pretty much every teacher talks about penguins.  Were it not for this exposure [...]

Writer’s Retreat–Take Deux

Last month, I issued an invitation to a Christian Writer's retreat--'Abide'-- that my friend Kimberlee Ireton and I are planning in lovely Leavenworth, Washington, the third weekend of October.First of all, I want to say thank you for your enthusiastic response! I am so grateful and, frankly, floored that so many people are interested.We have fielded [...]

Listening, Slowing, Telling and Showing (#SmallWonder)

Pictures, pictures everywhere. Anywhere. Any time. If you have a phone, we have a photo. Moments captured and documented, milestones shared, joys multiplied.And while a picture often IS worth a thousand words, and they often tell a story, they don't tell the whole story. The problem with the ubiquitousness (that's a word, right?) of iPhones and [...]