The light is too bright,
hollering, “pay attention!”
as it shouts from the sky
across the clouds.
The evening kidsounds
beckon and burst
across the air saying,
“come out and play”,
and night birds dining on
dusky bug meals
chatter in their bickering,
“feed me! feed me!”
Quiet is hard to find
on these long-lighted days outside
nudging me towards the thought
that I’d prefer
the gray
and quiet
and cold
and hush
of winter skies.
The dull-lighted days
limit the distractions
and make it easier to focus
on hearing my Father speak.
but I’m wondering 
if there aren’t times
like this when He says,
“See, I know how to party, too.”
Photo credit from my friend Leah Richardson’s website 
‘Creative Overflow’ taken at Alys Beach, Fla.
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