Chaos Theory

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I have been at loose ends the last few days, not quite sure what to write about. 

Not exactly writer’s block.  More like writer’s barrage.

No focus, too much info, no direction. 
Can’t write, won’t make the Monday meet up deadlines.
What’s a person to do?

Perhaps if  I could draw a picture of my distracted thoughts, it would be a bicycle wheel with 100 spokes coming out from a hub in the middle labeled “Which voice to listen to?”

The spokes would be coming out in criss-crossed directions, ends touching a myriad of points: 

  • Daily Devotions–what about that Charles Spurgeon passage you read?
  • Bible Study–John Chapter 2 has got to have SOMETHING in it….
  • What’s God saying to you at work?
  • What’s God doing in your family? (Think weddings, babies, birthdays…)
  • What’s God speaking to you about in your life?  (Your husband’s retiring, remember?)
  • What’s He doing in your relationships? 
                          Ann Voskamp says,
                         “All the world is a window.
                          No material is opaque.” 
                            What is He showing you?

  • Which piece of fiction (two right now) is speaking to you?
  • What about that study book on the Song of Solomon?
  • Surely there’s something in  The Artist’s Way?”    

                                   (There’s that discussion group and all).

  • Oh yeah, what did you hear in church yesterday?

Indeed, what DID I hear in church yesterday?

The pastor said something about how God specializes in making order out of chaos

He loves to speak life into new things

He loves to birth something new in us

“Behold I will do something new,
Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? 
I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”  Isaiah 43:19

This Sunday was the last in a video series on Creation called “God of Wonders“. 
After viewing it the Pastor shared a little from the Word.

Turns out in Genesis 1:1 when God created the Heaven and the Earth and the earth was formless and void (“an empty waste” in the Amplified) He did it by ‘brooding’ or ‘overshadowing’  (hovering) over the waters.

God’s Very First Thing to do?  Create something beautiful and amazing out of ‘an empty waste’ that was ‘formless and void.’

The Greek word used for hovering?  ‘epischiazo‘—the same Greek word used when the Angel told Mary the Spirit of God would overshadow her to bring new life.

I felt like my words this week were floating about in the empty waste of my mind, definitely without form.

I began to realize that God was bringing order and something creative out of my confusion and chaos and not-hearing.  Bringing new life, new words.

Who knew? God, who does what only He can do– 
Birth something new in me in an ongoing creation process as He continues to hover over the vast body of water that is my life.

Creation may be God’s Very First Thing to do, but it certainly isn’t His last.

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  1. Linda–I think it must be the season of the year–life is just so full and busy–I feel like I must get my thoughts/papers/notes/piles….whatever organized before I can clear a place in my brain.
    And yes, it's 'interesting' that your post was about creativity…not really, tho', just God's way of saying He's speaking the same to many of us at different times.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Thanks so much for thinking of me.

  2. Jody Lee, this is so perfect for me this night. I feel lost in my world, overwhelmed with things and no list with ordering those things. Because of no list, I don't even remember them all. But knowing that God knows and creates all, that His ways are perfect, that He hovers over us, is what I must remember.
    I was late for Soli Deo Gloria and did not get to link up but wanted to visit each one in our small group. I am thankful for you and wish God's peace to surround you and hold you near.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda
    Interesting that my post tonight and for Soli Deo Gloria is on creativity too:

  3. I sure could use some order from chaos too, Jody! I guess I should hang in here and see what God is planning too. That photo is so gorgeous. Much love to you!

  4. Thank you for the beautiful post. Only God can create order out of chaos. Evolution makes no sense because nothing left to its own devices becomes more orderly and complex — only the hand of God can do that. Praise God that He orders our thoughts also!

  5. So much for writer's 'barrage', I think that was an excellent post 🙂 very much how my brain is feeling lately with no 2 days off in a row :/ but I get my day off tmw so that's good!

  6. Well it is hard to let go and see what comes up. Sometimes you have to just give things sidelong glances. K.

  7. Writing is too much fun to ever let it become bothersome. When I first started blogging, I let things get out of hand; had to kick it back into nuetral and let it roll to a stop, then eased on down the road at a comfortable pace.
    Good post Jody Lee! Just do what feels write!

  8. Yes, Jennifer–'writer's barrage'–you may borrow the phrase any time.
    This is a fun journey for sure!

  9. 'many ingredients in my pot'–excellent image! Jesus is always cooking up somehting good!

  10. Courtney, thank you for stopping by and your kind words. Yes, we are bodies of water, ready for Him to stir us.

  11. Writer's barrage! LOL! I sooooo get that. My mind swirls, and sometimes even my blog posts do. But I think that's the fun thing about a blog — a place to put down words and see what emerges from the chaos. Sometimes, it's quite surprising. Other times, just plain goofy. 🙂

  12. I've been there…so many uninspiring things to write about…nothing that really ignites the soul and stirs the imagination. I'm glad that you've stirred the pot, so to speak…because in stirring you find the Holy Spirit hovering over the face of the deep…You have many ingredients in your pot!

  13. I can really relate to your bicycle spokes image. There are days when I have trouble getting my mind quiet enough to see what God's doing, but His word always helps. Thanks.

  14. Love this visual, of God hovering over wasteland and creating. “I will even make a roadway into the wilderness” – that is comforting on the “barrage” days. Great post.


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