Communion and Covering

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II Corinthians 5:21

“God made him who had no sin to be sin for us,
so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”

‘The righteousness of God?’

Me, righteous, guilt – free, clean?


During worship and Communion on Sunday, the words of my friend Jill spoke to me so clearly.  As she mentioned the bread and the juice, symbols of Christ’s death in our place, the power of the TRUTH that our sins are forgiven really hit me.  We are cloaked with righteousness. Nothing shows—not my sins, my shortcomings, my failures, but the blood of Jesus COVERS me.

I have a small note in my Bible from many years ago that my Pastor friend Mike McIntosh shared.

When we look at our sins, he said, they are often in gradations. Some sins ‘really big’, others ‘not so big.’

As if.

As if God has a sin-o-meter.

I have a drawing on the note that looks something like the outline of a city skyline, short buildings, tall buildings, medium buildings…you get the idea.

But NO–when our Father looks down at us, he has a birds eye view, and instead of our sin, he sees a single ribbon of red…………just a line

like this
and we are hidden underneath it.

That seems like such a simplistic truth, but the visual helps me remember when I take Communion, because Jesus died a terrible death in my place, I am righteous. 

It’s a re-telling of truth that bears repeating–
my repentance is a daily communion that keeps me free.

Just like the birds.

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7 thoughts on “Communion and Covering

  1. Repentance and daily communion, yes. That is it exactly. There is nothing else to do. The rest has already been done. We approach the cross the same way we approach Arlington cemetery or the voting booth. Someone else did this. Someone else made this possible for me.

    That should suffice to keep us humble and thankful, don't you think?

  2. Jody Lee, your words today are so poignant for me. The example, the word-picture, is beautiful and so exacting of the way God sees us. I am thankful for your willingness to “re-tell” a truth that needs to be retold again and again.
    I am so glad you came by “Being Woven” today and read the “Origins” as that is so much of me, this earthly me. I look forward to seeing the weaving that your women's retreat made. And I am glad you will still keep me in your “Jody Lee” SDG group even if you have another! I feel blessed and privileged.

    loving you, ~ linda

  3. Patsy–I JUST read this in my devotions this morning (Charles Spurgeon, Morning by Morning, June 30th)
    “When I stand before the throne
    Dressed in beauty not my own; When I see Thee as Tou art,
    Love Thee with unsinning heart;
    Then, Lord, shall I fully know–
    Not till then–how much I owe.”

    So true. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Jody,

    Such a powerful and grace-filled truth…thanks for sharing…linked up behind you at Jen's place…nice to meet you 🙂

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