Writing is the way I process the world, but what I enjoy more than anything is helping bring YOUR words to life. Putting on my Consultant hat makes me all kinds of happy.

If you’re looking for a cheerleader for your work, here’s how I can help:


Building an Audience for your words, including but not limited to:

Setting up and Navigating Social Media—Instagram, Facebook & Twitter (and what in the world is Linktree?)

Building a Website–Three Things Every Website Should Have (and why you already know what to say)

Email Lists—Why You Need One and Where to Begin


Developmental Editing looking at themes, voice & vision. Is there a thread  or theme in your work? How do things fit? Who are you writing for?

Copy and Content Editing–Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation; the Nuts & Bolts of your project


Book Proposals–How to Write One & Why you need It. How to find your market, hone your message and how you’ll share it. Includes one-on-one editing and coaching.

Traditional vs. Self-Publishing–Checklists, Coaching, Referrals, Resources, Including How to Build a Launch Team

Book Launches–Why you need to plan Six Weeks before your book comes out. Checklists, Timelines, How-to’s, plus tips for a Virtual Book Launch

In the meantime…   For a FREE DOWNLOAD OF

Five Things to Consider Before You Write That Book


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3 thoughts on “CONSULTANT

  1. Great skills to offer and the heart to match. Love the way you’ve laid out your page. If you post it, they will come . . .

  2. What a lovely unveiling! Say, would you consider working with a series of novellas? Humor, with a side of mystery?

  3. Congrats Jody! Lord willing, you would be perfect for my works in progress. This is perfect for you and us!

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