pexels-photo-3309967Next to breathing (and singing!) I  love to write. But what I enjoy more than anything is cheering for you and breathing along like a midwife helping bring your words to life.

How can I help YOU? I’m available for brainstorming your book idea (is this really a book?), consulting on planning, book proposals and marketing, and my favorite: the self-publishing process. 

As a self-published author of two books, I’ve learned the ropes of what to ask and what to do. And what not to do.

Developmental Editing & Consultant Services include but are not limited to:

  • Looking at the Big Picture and working back from there

  • The hows and whys of using Social Media to build the reach of your words

  • Self-Publishing How-to’s–Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

  • Why you need a Book Proposal Even if You’re Going to Self-Publish

  • Helping refine and focus your work–Editing with an eye for structure and an ear for content

Ready to begin?

  • Email me so we can set up 20 minute Phone or Zoom call to brainstorm your path forward (Complimentary). Just click on the envelope icon above my photo in the sidebar.

  • Next I’ll draw up a Consultant Plan tailored to your needs, whether it’s guiding you through self-publishing, how to market and launch your book or finding an editor. FEES are customized according to the needs of your project rather than hourly rates.

In the meantime, Here’s a FREE download of

5 Things to Know Before You Write That Book.


“Jody is a warm, caring, and knowledgeable guide for writers at every stage.” ~ Emily Sue Allen, founder of

“Jody does an excellent job of making you pause and think about what you are trying to communicate. Her thought provoking questions drew out the heartbeat of my story and helped me discover what I was trying to convey.  She also guided me through the entire book writing and self-publishing process, offering countless recommendations and options to the many questions I asked her! As I first time author, I am grateful for her expertise from start to finish. I would highly recommend Jody to new authors who need guidance and are willing to allow themselves to work through the process as Jody encourages you forward. She truly inspired me to become the best author I could become and helped me create a book we both are proud of today!” Amy Boykin, author of The Way – God’s Call on an Ordinary Family to His Extraordinary Life

“Jody Collins offers so much more than simple editing services. My husband and I asked her to help us as we wrote the chapters for our book. While we had an official editor from our publishing company, it was so great to have Jody read through the chapters prior to our editor seeing them. She was able to read and edit with a big-picture perspective, enabling us to see how we could improve our overall flow and increase the reader’s understanding of our material.” – Jen Ferguson, co-author of Pure Eyes, Clean Heart: A Couple’s Journey to Freedom from Pornography

“Jody is so much more than an editor, though she is that, too. She reads carefully and responds thoughtfully. But just as helpful as her ideas for improvement are her encouragement, her excitement, and her I’m-for-you attitude, all of which makes her thoughtful critique a sweet pill to swallow.” Kimberlee Conway Ireton, author of  Cracking Up: A PostPartum Faith Crisis (Mason/Lewis Press, 2013) and The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year . 

“Jody was great help at editing the chapters of my women’s Bible study. Her sharp attention to details, tempered with gentleness, helped me to see and correct errors in my writing. Her suggestions overall expanded the marketability of my project.  Her input left me feeling confident as a writer. My previous experiences with other editors left me feeling beat down and insecure. Jody edits with a clear eye and a loving heart.” Laura Smedley, Author of ‘Desert Blooms–Finding God in the Season of Waiting.” Laura blogs at journey girl and works as a certified Life Coach.

“As a proofreader, Jody provides such a gift of confidence. I know that when I incorporate her corrections into my writing that my tenses and punctuation will always be solid and appropriate. As an editor, Jody is a partner. Her keenly insightful suggestions help me hone my message and give me that all important reader’s point of view. I simply do not want to publish a word without knowing it has passed under her watchful and gracious eye.”  -Dana Buck, Author of Sew Powerful Parables, Speaker & Lay Leader. Former World Vision staff and current Board Member for Sew Powerful Ministries. 

“Jody Collins provided excellent service in working with our new writers to edit and rewrite articles and blogs for our magazine and website. She is an excellent editor and was able to complete each piece in a timely manner.  It was remarkable to see the improvement in articles that she worked on. Several of the writers reported learning a great deal from Jody in the process of working on their articles with her.” Helen Steinkamp, Co-founder, Salt + Clay: Beautiful Purpose 


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  • Laurie Klein, Scribe

    Great skills to offer and the heart to match. Love the way you’ve laid out your page. If you post it, they will come . . .

  • Janice Johnson

    What a lovely unveiling! Say, would you consider working with a series of novellas? Humor, with a side of mystery?

  • theprodigalmomkag

    Congrats Jody! Lord willing, you would be perfect for my works in progress. This is perfect for you and us!

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