Conversation {a #poem}

IMG_20191027_153436What did I do to deserve this? is the wrong ask.

Because you didn’t.

Do anything.

There is no quid pro quo/cash economy in this wide

invisible, Kingdom-filled world. The sunlight searching

between oak leaves, the slant of green on the birdbath,

chime of silver in the breeze. It’s all gift.

Like the sloppy kiss of a two-year-old or an unexpected

letter in the mail, you are worth surprising.

Don’t quibble with your questions, paint your Creator

God as an if/then Saviour. He is a because/when God.

Because you are mine, I will pour out my gracelings

when I want, to whom I want.

Just look up from time to time and say thanks.

That is always the correct answer.

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6 thoughts on “Conversation {a #poem}

  1. “It’s all gift.”

    YES, each time I come back to this something different stands out.


    1. I’ve heard Malcolm Guite speak often about good poetry, that it is both generative as well as generous. There are many layers to this poem, indeed, and I’m so glad that you saw something new when you read it.

  2. “. . .you are worth surprising”
    “Because you are mine”

  3. Adding that question, “What did I do to deserve this?” does bring another dimension to our gratitude: awe. And I love that new word, “gracelings.” (At least it’s new to me.) Praise God every day is laced with gracelings! Thank you, Jody, for the graceling of your imagery-drenched poetry.

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