Conversation {a #poem}

IMG_20191027_153436What did I do to deserve this? is the wrong ask.

Because you didn’t.

Do anything.

There is no quid pro quo/cash economy in this wide

invisible, Kingdom-filled world. The sunlight searching

between oak leaves, the slant of green on the birdbath,

chime of silver in the breeze. It’s all gift.

Like the sloppy kiss of a two-year-old or an unexpected

letter in the mail, you are worth surprising.

Don’t quibble with your questions, paint your Creator

God as an if/then Saviour. He is a because/when God.

Because you are mine, I will pour out my gracelings

when I want, to whom I want.

Just look up from time to time and say thanks.

That is always the correct answer.

4 thoughts on “Conversation {a #poem}

  1. Katie

    “. . .you are worth surprising”
    “Because you are mine”

  2. Nancy Ruegg

    Adding that question, “What did I do to deserve this?” does bring another dimension to our gratitude: awe. And I love that new word, “gracelings.” (At least it’s new to me.) Praise God every day is laced with gracelings! Thank you, Jody, for the graceling of your imagery-drenched poetry.

  3. Amy Young

    Jody, I love this poem! Thank you 🙂

  4. Amy Young

    Jody! I love this poem/prayer!!


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