Bread and fish
made the shopping list–
easily secured
at the corner grocery store,
exchanged for coins
in my pocketbook.
But what of the bread and fish
the Saviour has~~
a small amount,
yet multiplied miracles
at his hand,
sending the food away
to the multitudes?
No coins exchanged,
no energy consumed
in the getting,
no requirements to meet
other than,
“We are hungry, Lord.”

Keep me hungry, Lord,
for real food.
photo by the author, luau, summer 2012

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9 thoughts on “Feasting

  1. Hungry for real food … their is the rub. Congrats on a new blog.Fondly,Glenda

  2. A worthy prayer! I love the “no requirements” of grace…so good. Wonderful words.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes, let it be so… a modern day psalm ?

  4. Mother Teresa said something like that the hunger for love is more than the hunger for food.

  5. and let us use that hunger as well to feed others and not just ourselves….

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