First Grade Recess

I wanna wear rainbow-striped leggings like Carly
or a bright pink tutu with Zoe’s sparkly shirt.
I’d like pigtails or a vivid
purple flower clipped
in my hair.
I’d like to run with abandon
hollering after a ball
and do a leaping high five
when I catch it.

I want to jump rope–double-dutch, in fact–
“Ice cream, Ice cream
cherry on top
How many boyfriends
do you got?”
and count As High as I Can
until I miss

I want to skip away with my friends
and giggle at a joke,
without a care in the world.

But alas,
I’m here in the background
standing still, dressed in
blase black and khaki,
watching from afar
with a whistle and a name tag
around my neck–Official-Looking–
and bewildered by all these rules,
remembering My Schedule,
keeping things in line…
wishing I was 6 years old again,
even if just for a day.

8 thoughts on “First Grade Recess

  1. I think there should be adult versions of some kids' clothes, like rainbow leggings. Seriously. Why should we be stuck with black and khaki? I'm ready to join that jump rope game. Love your poem, Jody.

  2. Joe–thank you for your kind words. It was definitely 'snapshot' moment, capturing all that uninhibited joy and youth. I guess my job is what keeps me so young at heart.(30 years of coaching? wow–did you get a medal?)

  3. Having coached girls basketball for almost 30 years, from ages 8 to 18, I can attest to the fact that they ALL have such colorfully playful moments. And, while I'm not in the striped legging crew, their coach enjoyed playing like a kid from time to time,too. Great capture and presentation of such moments, Jody. :)~ j

  4. i def would much rather be playing…any way you can ditch the whistle and get out there? smiles…those were the days were they not?

  5. I wanna play too! This is a playdate of a different kind. I want to wear my mama's dress up clothes, and drink lukewarm water from tea cups with a plate of windmill cookies and not come inside until dinnertime.

  6. I love your 6-year-old heart. 🙂 If you lived close, I'd come knocking on your door this morning, to see if you wanted to come out and play, and maybe climb a tree, and tell secrets under the porch, then find funny shapes in the clouds. Love this.

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