Fit (When things don’t)

I wrote this prayer in January when God gave me ‘Fit’ as my word for the year.
I’m editing it here as life has changed since then, refined, more focused on what God may be doing.

 “Father, we give you all the pieces of our lives, rounded, jagged, not fitting together. 

We place the ideas, dreams and desires,
the want-to’s and the need-to’s,
the prayers for family and friends,
the cries of our heart to follow you, into your hands.

Even without the big picture of your plan,
 help us yield as we Fit into that plan.
With our eyes on you, the Frame,
help us to pick up one piece at a time.
to consider each one well,
notice the contoured edges,
observe the ways it could work–
‘maybe over here?’ ‘maybe over there?’

Remind us it takes time to make something beautiful,
that you’ll be smoothing us out to Fit.

We will not finish in a week, a month, maybe not even this year.
 We may need to ponder and puzzle over the pieces more than once,
laying them down and picking them up with a fresh look the next day.

Remind us Father, when we hold the pieces with an open hand
lay them out on the table
trusting you to build
that the work will be perfect and complete
in your time.

“….forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead,
14 I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 3:13,14
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11 thoughts on “Fit (When things don’t)

  1. Oh, yes, Jody. Our time is in HIS hand, not our own. Remembering that is a good thing.

    Your prayer/poem is lovely. Thank you…

  2. Funny about 'fit'. It's both noun and verb…something you do (or don't) and something you are (or aren't) I tend to think about more in the context of the second than the first, but completely neglected to account for it as the thing you pitch….Yikes!

  3. Lynn, I've thought of the many meanings of 'fit'. I'm sure God will have me experience each one this year…….Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Jody, I'm visiting from Kel's. I love how all you bloggers fit together to create the larger picture of His grace! Fit is a great word, and I've pitched a fit or two, and sometimes I don't feel like I fit in. I think I need to be more fit as well. But the Lord fits us into His Kingdom because of Christ, and always gives us a place. Praise Him!
    So glad you came to Kel's and I'm glad to have discovered you here!

  5. Oh, Nancy, I like that…..'seize the joy to be found in the process and in the progress.'

    Thanks for stopping by–you bless me.

  6. Jody, you've captured important truths for me in your memorable poem: 1) Place EVERYTHING in the Father's hands. It's the only way to peace and contentment. 2) Seek his direction for each piece of life. He alone knows how circumstances and relationships will FIT together best. 3) Remember that God is never in a hurry to make us perfect and complete. Seize the joy to be found in the process and in the progress. Thank you, Jody!

  7. Gorgeous poem Jody, glad I stopped by from Still Saturday. I haven't had the opportunity to link up there for awhile.

  8. Dear Jody Lee
    I truly don't think we will ever be finished this side of heaven! But, He is so patient; it is us that alwaya want to run ahead, don't you think!
    Blessings fron Sandra's

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