Five Minute Friday–Expectation

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The word:  Expectation

Expectation? you bet!  Trepidation is more like it.
My son and daughter in law and their 5 children are coming for the weekend.  Did you get that?
F I V E….  Don’t get me wrong–I love them more than all the stars in the sky-they are are my delight.
But, well, they haven’t been here for a visit yet and where will we put them all and how do you feed them?
And, oh, the baby’s crawling now and is my floor clean?  And what about the deck?  Oh, I hope the 2 year old can make the stairs….

And the sleeping.

(Well, just for the record, there probably won’t be much of that–what with bedtime and drinks and strange beds and nightlights and excitement and all ’cause Grandpa will be reading the stories and you know he is……..)

Adventure time straight ahead–bring it on!


aforementioned Grandkids (viewing a dissected Salmon–yep!)
from the left: 9 year old Hanan, 6 year old Peter, 5 year old Abigail and 2 year old Paul
The baby was sleeping at home with Mom.

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