Five Tips to Grow Your Reach & Your Readers {on blogging}

Or~ What I’ve learned Since 2012 About Writing Online

My passion IS encouraging other writers to find their voice. Although I’ve no great numbers of followers as the blogsphere goes (I almost typed ‘glogosphere’), what I do have is rich relationships with once invisible friends. And, as a blessing and a bonus, the reach of my words has grown little by little.

Like every other good thing grows–little by little.

Blogging for me has always been about people, not platforms. The apostle Paul’s admonition is to “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  That’s where I want to spend my efforts.

Here’s my small nugget from where I stand on the interwebs~

5 Tips to Grow the Reach of Your Words

  1. Talk like yourself–No one else has your voice, your vision or your view.  We don’t need any copies or clones, we need YOU–your experience in life is the lens that shows us what you see–and we want to see it, too.
  2. Cast a wide net--submit work in multiple places. Here is a list of four places to start with. Scatter joy, as the saying goes, and see where it lands. For a random writer like myself, this is a good approach. If you’re more linear and like deadlines and sequence, still, looking at other places to submit your work is a good idea. One of my new favorite sites for moms is Kindred Mom, facilitated by Emily Allen.
  3. Comment on the blogs you follow–(I only follow a handful of people whose voices add to my life–you need to decide who those people are for you.) Over time, writers notice who’s showing up each week to weigh in and leave comments and connections are formed. Connections often lead to relationships and readers come through relationships.
  4. Participate in Link-ups to meet other writers/bloggers. Weekly ones that I like are Faith on Fire–Lyli Dunbar’s blog and ‘Faith-Filled Friday’ at Missional Women. (Links are below). The guest host/blogger has a particular day that everyone gets to post their week’s work and you can usually add your piece during the week. The protocol is to visit the ‘neighbor’ on either side of your link and leave an encouraging word. These writers will often return the favor, reading your work and commenting. When I began blogging in 2012 I met many, many people this way, some of whom are actual, real life friends. Comments come through connections.
  5. Engage on social media–Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. I originally thought Twitter had less than redemptive qualities, but changed my mind after going to a panel at a Writer’s Conference where the process was de-mystified for me. The beauty of Twitter is that conversations are 280 characters (not words) long–quick, quick, quick. Once you choose who (m?) to follow (VERY important) it’s like being at a child’s birthday party or high school reunion, with conversations going on 24/7 and you drop in at any time. Instagram is the quieter, gentler version of Facebook and it’s a beautiful place to meet people and enjoy some remarkable photography. (Instagram only works on phones and tablets, not computers, by the way.)                    If you’re not sure how it’s set up, find a teenager.  Once you have an account, you will be able to also search for people to follow, who may in turn decide to follow you. Facebook is well, Facebook, and if you can manage the time you’re on there–a constant battle–it has a tremendous upside to it. The upside for me is the virtual connections that come via conversations which open the door to being able to speak into peoples’ lives–much like real life.

All of the places we steward our words are important–which is the privilege we have for the opportunity to literally send our words out into the world.

May God guide you in the way you steward your voice, your view and your vision!

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Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to participate in the Friday link up at Faith on Fire–Lyli Dunbar’s blog, click here.  The Missional Women Link up (also on Fridays) is here.  Kindred Mom’s ‘Write for Us’ info is here.


7 thoughts on “Five Tips to Grow Your Reach & Your Readers {on blogging}

  1. I’ve been thinking that I need to work on #2. Thank you for providing places we can submit to. And I think the heart of blogging for me is remembering that writing is about people NOT platforms. I’m visiting from Hope Writers and look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

  2. “Whose voices add to my life…” That’s both a key statement and a blessing. What a gift that we can cross paths with people whose voices bring richness to our lives via the internet. Your points are good, timeless, and timely. You–and your words–are a treasure.

  3. Thank you for this, Jody! #1– a valuable reminder, as we see the success of other bloggers and are tempted to weave their style into our own. #2 — I have researched a bit some additional places to submit, but haven’t tried. It’s time to jump in! #3 — I greatly enjoy commenting on other blogs, becoming acquainted with delightful people (like you!), and hopefully offering encouragement to these stellar writers (again, like you!) who minister consistently to my spirit. #4 — Link-ups is another avenue I’ve not tried yet. There are so many people linking-up on some blogs, it seems quite congested already. But I see your point about responding to those who link up before and after, as a way to meet new like-minded bloggers. #5 — I do engage on Facebook but not as often as I might. ‘Need to set several times each week to engage for just 10-15 minutes and keep more current. Thank you for cheering us on and gently prodding us out of our comfort zones in order to grow our readerships.

    1. Nancy, I think getting prodded to move out of our comfort zone is the best way to grow for us, ahem, more mature folks. I so appreciate you being with me on the journey of writing here in the blogosphere.

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