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Forgiveness is Always in Season

During the Christmas holidays we often focus on Christ’s coming as a child to the Earth, God’s gift to us.
But the purpose of Christ’s life was to ultimately die in my place….setting me free from my sin and offering me grace to walk in forgiveness.
I woke up at 2 am last week with these thoughts on my mind and put them to ‘paper.’  Here is what I wrote:

I have learned a lot from the students I work with, as most teachers do. I never know what a day will hold when I show up to our classroom—the special needs students I teach make sure of that.

Most of the children in our class have autism. Autism is a ‘spectrum disorder’ meaning the symptoms and behaviors can vary like the speed on a speedometer—low functioning, non-verbal children would be near the zero end of the dial, high functioning, very verbal would be at 120.

And some days with our students it can feel like they’re going 120 miles an hour. Especially with Jenny (not her real name).
May I invite you over to….to read the rest of the story there?  Thanks ever so much.

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