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Dear Friends & current readers,

Hi there! This is your second communication from me in one day…. But I think you’ll be happy ’tis so. I am sharing something I believe you’ll find helpful–Five Things That Might Surprise You About Poetry.

For all those who sign up and are n e w subscribers to my new website (have you seen my new website? You should have a look and click around!) this is a free download.

But those of you already here–well, now you can have access to Five Things by clicking on the graphic below.

Here’s a simple intro to the why’s and wherefores of Five Things:

When you hear the word ‘poetry’, do you feel like you just don’t get it? Maybe wish someone could demystify the process, whether it’s reading poetry or writing poems? I’ve been there and wrote lots of Really Bad Poetry along the way. I also learned a lot and you can, too! If you’ve ever wanted to understand poetry but don’t know where to start, I wrote something just for you.

Simply click on the photo and it will take you to the document Five Things That Might Surprise you About Poetry. * And, even better? You can print it to share with friends–there’s a QR code on the bottom they can scan to order their copy of my new book Mining the Bright Birds: Poems of Longing for Home. You learn a little more about poetry and can help introduce a friend as well. Win, win.


Why the New Website Look?

In the process of sprucing up and re-launching my website I was able to fine tune my core message and reason for writing. I hit upon this statement:

I am convinced more than ever that when we discover who God has made us to be, His poiema, the more like ourselves we become. Discovering the poetry of our lives can make a way.

As always, thank you for reading.


*computers are weird; if there’s a glitch getting this download simply reply to this email and let me know; I’ll send you the direct link.


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