Glorious Moon

Sideways glancing, face atilt
she watches, a wondering
at our wandering,
solemnly sees our not-seeing.
How can they miss all this—
the faithful lumen bursting barren emptiness,
Sun’s reflection, co-anchoring the sky?
They say there’s a man in the moon
who’s in love with the girl in the world…
but I think it’s the reverse.
Nurturing nightlight,
with feminine traits
worrying at our forgetfulness to
Just Look Up.
She solemnly sits and waits,
as mothers are wont to do,
waits for us to wonder anew,
bear witness to her faithfulness
and find our way home
by that glorious light.
Photo Google Images, Nat’l Geographic
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7 thoughts on “Glorious Moon

  1. Jody Lee Collins

    Charles–your comment made me smile. I think it's amazing that the moon can be everywhere all at once, so to speak, and we all see the same Moon and the same Sun. God is all around…take care.

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful, Jody! I saw the moon smiling last Saturday night; that crescent moon that isn't tilted in the reclining pose, but resting flat of its back grinning at the world. It was special to see, too, as we had just settled on the hotel balcony after attending a wedding and reception for two young friends. Sherry said, “Look! The moon is smiling down on Megan and Ryan!” (I suppose I need to write a poem bout that)

  3. Brian Miller

    the moon def has some motherly qualities…and i do tend to think of it as feminine…or maybe its just he romanticism speaking…i also like that finding our way home by her light…she has accompanied me many a night…

  4. Jody Lee Collins

    Cindee, thank you! As a mother, yes, how many times I've thought, “Oh, God, are you watching my children as they travel home tonight?”(They are both in their 30's and married. smile.) But I still have that mother's heart.

  5. Jody Lee Collins

    Charles (Chazinator 🙂 Thank you for your kind comments. When I wrote of the wonder and awe (with the moon bright outside my window), I thought, 'wow, how could anyone NOT believe in a Creator God after seeing something that magnificent, month after month after month….?'And thinking of her as a woman softens the image so. I like it.

  6. Charles Miller

    really enjoyed this. I loved the reversal of roles of the moon, and your description of the feminine traits is quite insightful, lending power to your imagining the moon as a woman. I loved the line about awe, something we must indeed remember to do:waits for us to wonder anew,bear witness to her faithfulnessand find our way homeby that glorious light.Indeed, faithfulness and finding home. All wonderful ways to perceive the moon.

  7. Cindee Snider Re

    “…bear witness to her faithfulness and find our way home…as mothers are wont to do…” Oh, those lines speak deeply of mother love, of faithfulness, of holding on and letting go, of constancy. Just beautiful!


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