Happy Merry Beautiful

Happy November!  The  season of thankfulness and celebrations is upon us.
To that end I have a Beautiful Happy to share with you—the loveliest original Advent Calendars and Twelve Days of Christmas Cards.
I’m sharing here, not as just another commercial interruption—we all have our favorites—but because my IRL (in real life) friend Cara Strickland is the designer and author and well, I like being a cheerleader.
Cara and I met for the first time in 2014 at the Faith and Culture Writers Conference in Oregon. We’d connected online when I discovered she was a ‘local’ Christian writer/blogger (Spokane counts, right?) and we read and commented on each others’ blogs. (You can find her blog hereshe writes about food and books and single life).
Cara’s (ahem) a little younger than I am, but she was gracious and kind and talked to me anyway. Smile. (Her friend Aaron took a picture–It was early…I was tired.)
We ‘hello’d each other again when Faith and Culture convened in Portland last April and we’ve been in touch ever since. Cara is the beautiful part of this Beautiful Happy.
She is also the talented part.
If you are inclined to keep the tradition of an Advent Calendar, this one of a kind devotional art is for you. And the Twelve Days of Christmas devotional calendar will become a new tradition.
I have nothing to gain from sharing all this, just want to spread the love and share the joy of the season as we celebrate family and friends and the beautiful and the happy.
The prices are very reasonable and you save $5.00 if you buy the bundle. (I did!)
Here are the links for the three works of art devotional calendars:
Link to order both calendars: 

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