Happy New You! Listen, Learn, Write

The season ahead for me in this corner of the interwebs may be a little quieter. I’m going to focus more on my poetry (I have a poetry website. Did you know this?) to grow in that craft and spend time with folks who can lead the way.

To that end, I’ve signed up for a conference at Calvin College this April in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to hang out and be inspired by other writers.

Maybe you’re considering where to invest time and money this year on perfecting the gifts God has given you–narrative writing, painting, poetry, fiction and many others. Well, as a service to my dear readers (and myself!) I gathered a list of an even 14 different venues to be inspired this coming year. Prices vary from $59 for one day in Colorado to $2600 for one week in Alaska (with Ann Voskamp!)

Locations vary from Tennessee to Colorado to Alaska. Alas, there is nothing on the books for the Pacific Northwest…I am praying with some friends about remedying that.

I’m praying about what the year ahead holds for me (I’d like another miracle to happen to get me to New Mexico and The Glen Workshop this year.) Perhaps you are praying, too, about where you can invest some time and money in yourself and your gifts. Who doesn’t need a bit of inspiration and a place to listen to God as He guides your work?

As you pray about the year ahead, this list might be a help. Let me know where you’re going–I’d love to hear! (email me? heyjode70 at yahoo dot com). Or leave a note in the comments.

Write on!

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5 thoughts on “Happy New You! Listen, Learn, Write

  1. Tresta

    Thank you for compiling this list, Jody! It’s fun to dream…I’d love to make it to The Glen, too. Have you been before? And Alaska…wouldn’t that be a blast?! Or Hutchmoot…or Calvin College…

  2. Nancy Ruegg

    I attended the Ohio Christian Writers Conference this past fall and GREATLY enjoyed the opportunity to meet Jean Wise, above! It was held for just a weekend and cost just $100, making it a workable investment of time and funds. I was exposed to more than I could absorb, but have high hopes in the new year I’ll be able to revisit topics that will improve my writing and grow my platform. God bless you, Jody, as you continue on your journey to impact lives with your writing!

    1. Jody Lee Collins

      I’ll have to add that one to the list, Nancy. What a gift to meet another blogger in person…. amen?

  3. jeanwise

    That’s a great list of writers conferences. I have always wanted to go to Festival of Faith and Writing and did get to Carol Kent’s speaking on last year and the Writing for your life one in Michigan. My schedule next year is complicated so not sure if I will make it to any in 2018 – that makes me sad. There is a conference called Bloggy con for bloggers held mid sept each year at Cedar Point. quite a bargain, and fun discounts to the park of the family. Happy New year, Jody!


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