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Heading towards Sunday

museum garden at City Park, NOLA

In this quiet-ish week (depending on who you are and where you are and what you’re doing) before the celebration of the Resurrection, I wanted to pause and say…….. 

::I’m smiling at the remembrance of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (thank you, Kel Rohlf at Nourishment for the Soul). 
(you’ll see why.)

::I’m inspired by friends’ commemorations of washing feet to bless the saints (thank you, Laura B. at The Wellspring).

::I’m torn with tears and compassion for a friend who bares her heart when she thinks maybe she knows what Jesus’ mother might have felt about her Son and his certain death (gracious, Kimberlee Conway Ireton at Godspace.)

::And I’m humbled by a sister who asks us the hard questions in light of the Saviour’s death in our place (a friend I haven’t met yet–Andrea Mitchell at Under Grace and Over Coffee).

I hope you’ll take time to stop and read these beautiful words this worshipful, Holy Week.
Friday’s almost here but Sunday’s coming!

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  • Laura Boggess

    Thank you, sweet friend, for this mention here. May you quiet (ish) waiting be filled with peace and the joy of Resurrection Day to you!

  • MrsP

    Keep wishing for a quiet holy week for contemplation and quiet recording of God's revelations…but isn't happening again. Yesterday, when I had absolutely nothing but laundry on the calender, I think someone put my number on a bathroom wall somewhere…
    Anyway, you are right about this…that Friday is coming, but so is Sunday. And I feel the anticipation in my heart.
    Blessings on you, friend!

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