Prayers, Lost & Found {a #poem}


This is the day I found my purple gardening gloves.

Not all purple, mind you, but leather on the business side,

lost in the melee of home projects, outdoor-type,

stashed behind the paint cans and spackle,

under the eaves, out of the weather.

Irreplaceable, thank you.

“No honey, I can’t just wear your gloves, they’re extra large.

I want mine….they fit. Like a glove.”

This is also the day I found the black

peppercorns–16 ounce plastic container

from the Big Box store. (and why do we need all those

peppercorns? And how did such a vast sum go missing?)

Eyes alert for something else, I wasn’t even

looking for my gloves. Imagine the silent leap inside

as I laid eyes on what had been lost after all those days.

I leave my prayers in odd places, too.

Gathering dust in hidey-hole corners,

out of sight and out of mind.

Forget to remember where I’ve laid down

my heavy-laden heart, living with the loss

of unanswered thoughts until I go searching

for something else.

Then the Light strikes and the Spirit

tugs. I reach back in the cobwebs, out of the way

underneath all the noise. And I’m found instead by

Him, stretching out his hands with answers I

need to questions I never knew were there,

where He’s been waiting all along.

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5 thoughts on “Prayers, Lost & Found {a #poem}

  1. Hello! Just popping in for a quick visit this morning after I read your comment on my blog at Vintage Mama’s Cottage about RUBY magazine. I see you are a writer too, so I would like to invite you to submit an inspirational article, short story, or poem for an upcoming issue of RUBY. Thanks for visiting me and I hope to hear from you again! Nina @ Vintage Mama’s Cottage and RUBY magazine

  2. Such sublime moments– to find long-lost items when no search for them was in progress. But, oh, most sublime of all: to be found by HIM with answers to questions not even being asked, and recognizing it was exactly what was needed. Thank you, Jody, for your creative touch that adds extra delight to sublime truth.

  3. Oh, I so get this need to find THOSE gardening gloves.
    And this is such a lovely picture of the finder being found.

    1. Michele, thank you. If I remember correctly, you’re a gardener, too. So you get my need for the right gloves. I didn’t know my discoveries would lead me to a lesson of sorts–God speaks in so many ways! I’m working on listening more.

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