Homing Orb {a #poem}

Sideways glancing, face atilt

she watches, wondering

at our wandering, solemnly

sees our not-seeing.


How do we miss it–

the faithful lumen bursting

barren emptiness, sun’s reflection,

co-anchoring the sky?

Ignore her presence as she

pauses over our shoulder?


Nurturing nightlight, she whispers

to our worry, “Just Look Up,”

Somberly sits in the quiet,

as mothers are wont to do,

waits for us to wonder anew,

bear witness to her faithfulness

and find our way home

in the dark by her gauzy light.


photo, Google Images

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3 thoughts on “Homing Orb {a #poem}

  1. “Mrs. B”–thanks for stopping by. I visited your site and gleaned a little bit about you. Some of my closest friends are southern gals from Florida, Georgia, Texas and New Orleans. God bless you as you shine for Jesus!

  2. Whoa…you wrote a poem in 5 minutes…I'm impressed!! Have a great weekend.

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