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How I Became a Twitter Convert and Kept my Salvation

I am exhausted and beyond tired. My brain is packed, my spirit is full to overflowing and my body has been existing on junk food since Friday.  
It is so NOT FAIR that the day I have to drive home from my Faith and Culture Writers Conference is also the ‘Spring Forward’ part of Daylight Savings Time. 

But it was totally worth it.

Like all good writers going to a conference on writing, I took a new journal to mark the occasion. A simple no line, blank page model, like an empty picture frame ready for a masterpiece to be placed inside. So much potential waiting for my pen.

When I decided to christen this journal several weeks ago, I actually didn’t know what I was going to use it for.  Clearly God did.  I had a quote glued to the inside cover:

CHANGE IS GOOD.  You go first.

Yes, I changed my mind about many things–my blog focus, my voice. And especially about Twitter, a virtual chat-o-sphere which I have been avoiding like the salad bar in an old diner.
It’s been around awhile but I wasn’t sure I could really trust it.

Lo and behold, Twitter is perfect for my random, abstract brain. And people are nice. And they listen to you. (Well, for maybe 60 seconds.) I became a believer.

There was also a powerful touch of the Holy Spirit and confirmation of the work I am doing through my writing.  So much encouragement and companionship and like-minded ness of writers and artists, who revealed all manner of God’s creativity in their own masterful ways.

From the platform, in workshops and in conversations I heard over and over again:

  • Write from a place of PASSION
  • Be authentic, don’t write from a place of safety
  • Take off your mask (everybody has one)
  • God will break through you when you’re broken
  • Go for quality of writing and connection with readers
  • Write out your God life in context of your daily life

Gracious, kind, young people listened to my silly questions.
New friends who I was able to meet in real life have become old friends overnight and many of my old ideas about being a writer and a Christian were radically readjusted.

Now I am more convinced than ever I can change the world.
As soon as I take a nap. 

p.s.  my twitter handle is @jodyo70. tweet. 

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  • Laurie

    Another terrific post, beckoning me to learn as well as laugh. Thanks, Jody!

  • Cornelia Seigneur

    Jody- thank you for your blog post! I am glad you enjoyed your time and that you feel rejuvenated in your writing. I love your list of lessons learned- so true- write from passion and vulnerability! – stay connected until we meet again – cornelia seigneur PS see you on twitter @corneliseigneur

  • Kelly Greer

    Haha! That's how I felt….after the nap, I will go sit down, write my story and change the world! I still haven't fully recovered. Heading back home tomorrow and saying goodbye to my family here. I will miss this place so much. So great meeting you Jody. Only wish we would have had more time to connect. I will look for you on twitter. my twitter name is @playsonpurpose

  • Michelle DeRusha

    Ha! I love your analogy of avoiding Twitter like the salad bar in a diner – nicely played!

    Glad you had a good time (and bonded with Deidra!). I'm off to follow you on Twitter. tweet

  • Ann Kroeker

    Appreciate your summary of the conference. No, have a good rest, and when you're back to full energy, let us know your Twitter handle!

  • Thoughts for the day

    I was great meeting with you. I don't tweet but I do facebook and email… and of course read blogs. REST well and then be prepared for what God is doing in and through you. Be encouraged.

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