How to Write a Thank You Speech

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The Golden Globe awards were on last night, the show which honors not only television but movie shows, their actors and actresses.  I had a vested interest in the outcome for the “Into the Woods” cast–not ONE award–shock! 

Of course, the real reason I watched was for the fashions–who was wearing what. Katherine Heigl’s gown was the loveliest, IMHO.  The color, the cut, the train….wow.

Aside from the fashions and mostly amusing banter from the co-hosts, the real gems of the evening were the very precious thank you speeches from those who totally did not expect to win.

Amy Adams said she forgot to apply lip gloss before coming on stage, Michael Keaton who honored his best friend–his son, and Patricia Arquette, who acknowledged her mom.

People always thank their mom.  God also gets a few nods.

All those heartfelt speeches had me practicing my own speech in my head between commercials.  I’d wander into the kitchen for a glass of water and envision myself on stage in a lovely gown–something by Caroline Herrera, royal blue, stunning (and of course I’d be thin. And young.)

You know you’ve imagined the same, dressed in a gown OR a tux.

But my friends, this is no imaginary life we live.  Someday we will be saying our thank yous in front of a large audience with one Very Important Person front and center.

There will be crowds.
There will be music.
Our vestments will shine.

But what will we say?

I know where I’d start. My award would be for writing.  Something.

“Mom, I’d like to thank you for hanging in there to raise 5 kids on your own after two husbands came and went.  I’d like to thank you for the DNA of writing you gave me and the treasure trove of stories I found after you were gone. 
Thank you, Mom, for taking us to church–Unitarian, Lutheran, Assembly of God, even if it was just to get an hour and a half of peace on a Sunday.
  Because of your own searching a seed was planted in me that God watered over time and that finally grew.

I’d like to thank Mrs. Jenkins, my 8th grade English teacher, for her strict demeanor and no-nonsense approach to language.  Dissecting and diagramming sentences did nothing to kill my love affair with words.  Instead, it unlocked the wonder and depth of meaning, the power of just the right phrase at the right time.

I’d like to thank my husband for his kindness and infinite patience with me all these many years.  He is a gift to me from God.

Most importantly I’d like to thank my Saviour for the grace to hear His voice when He called so long ago.  If it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t be standing here.

And lastly, I’d like to thank my sister Laurie for the lovely green dress.”

(Trust me, I have pictures–it’s a gorgeous dress.  It wouldn’t fit me, but it’s gorgeous.)

“Well, they’ve cued the music; it looks like my 45 seconds are up.  God bless you all.
Good night.”
That’s what I would say…….How about you?
  I’d love to hear in the comments.

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*My sister Laurie took this photo of the beach in Cardiff, CA


  1. I, too, would thank God, family, friends, mentors, pastors, teachers, and more–the typical list of people who help grow in us our talents, gifts, and positive traits. But I would also thank a difficult person in my life whom God used to develop perseverance, strength, and fortitude. I must admit, I wasn't very thankful at the time. My prayers were more centered on “Help!” than gratitude. But looking back, I can see that some serious spiritual growth was occurring during those years. Thank you, Jody, for a fun yet thought-provoking post!

  2. Oh, Diana, thank you. Sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves…. 'Many a truth is said in jest.'

  3. I love this, Jody! Thank you for skillfully weaving together lightheartedness and serious personal storytelling. I really enjoyed it.

  4. Great speech! Bravo! Bravo!

  5. Too funny! Such a fun activity–to imagine what it would be like to get a Golden Globe. In reality, mine would look more like my husband handing me his food-encrusted plate to put in the dishwasher. But I'd be wearing the most beautiful sequin-encrusted apron you've ever seen! 😉 Thanks for the reminder to be “thankful” always, Jody! And happy 2015 to you, my friend!

  6. Mary, so glad we 'bumped' into each other 🙂 The green dress was a peau de soie (??) creation my sister wore for her wedding in Hawaii…. not sure where my picture is.
    Thank you for your kind comments–bless you!

  7. I love the picture your sister took, but I expected to see the green dress in it! I love your humor. It's like my own. And I can soooo relate to your in front of the mirror speech, because I'm an actress, and I've often practiced maybe not so much speeches, but impromtu sightings of someone famous (me)…”Oh, yes, that was me. Thank you so much.” We're such a quirky bunch of people aren't we? Loved your post. Don't know why I've never bumped into you before.


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