I am From {a #poem}

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I am from doughboy pools and homemade Barbie houses

from Huffy bikes and Helms Bakery donuts.

I am from three sisters to a room and broad green bermuda lawns.

I am from bright sandy beaches and weeping willows

whose drooping green sheltered me from California’s sun.

I am from Coppertone and Sun-In

from Helen and Wes and John.

I am from belting out a tune and scribbling in the dark

from roller skating and tree-fort-building

from fighting at the top of my lungs and finding quiet at any cost.

I am from Bible stories with Mrs. Cluck and anywhere-you-can-take-5-kids-on-a-Sunday.

I am from the Hebjums and Lindseys, a Best at heart with an adopted name

from porkchops and sauerkraut, applesauce and meatloaf

from a father two generations back that made a grown girl flee

and a mother who lived chasing beauty wherever she could find it, rich or poor.

But mostly poor.

I am from luaus and carnivals, beach trips and berry-picking

babysitting and in charge at age 12 and hiding with a book to make it all go away.

I am from those moments of running, singing, writing, hiding, lying in the sun

but never far from the watchful eye of an invisible Father

held in arms more real than scratchy lawns and doughboy pools and donuts and

roller skates.

A Father more present than my own skin, closer than the sunshine on my bright brown hair.

Lover of my soul who was there every meandering minute, keeping time until I came home. 


I had the pleasure of reading my “I am From” poem as part of this video series hosted by Allyson Shelton. You might enjoy watching it HERE to hear my thoughts about being a Poetry Evangelist.


  1. Hi Jody,
    Followed your link from TSP.
    Received your book and am reading, savoring, soaking up the goodness:) Especially enjoying the nature poems. Wonderful to “walk with you on pilgrimage.”
    The cover is so beautiful! Love the John Bunyan quote.
    I love these “I Am From” poems – wrote one for a workshop I was in with Laura Brown. Like you I also have some beach memories:)
    And, I am about to start Chapter 8 of The Hobbit. Read it years ago to my children, but think I’m enjoying it just as much now. To say JRRT was a genius would be an understatement.

  2. I’ve kept the link to this poem in my email, wanting to return and relish. So glad I did. Your recollections invite us to know the Jody of childhood and youth. You also evoked memories of my own, including: pools, Huffy bikes, Coppertone, roller-skating, fighting and finding quiet. And all the while our Father was watching, preparing, molding. Thank you for warming my heart and feeding my spirit, dear friend!


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