I Corinthians 13:1

This poem is inspired by my poetic friend, Tania Runyan, whose volume of poetry ‘Second Sky’ follows hard after the Apostle Paul’s writings.  I thought I’d try my hand at Scripture prompted poems.  


The waltzing cat silently slinks between
cupboards on concrete and grass.
The only sound as he slips
is the bronze tag at his neck
giving away his presence.
I follow the light noises, eyeing him
as he reaches the fence,
vanishing through to the dark, leafy side.
Larger chimes (upstairs and down) 
wave in the wind saying, “Listen!”, 
truer sounds than the dense voices
inside the four walls of my home behind me.

I was made for here and hear
tuned to the harmony of Heaven 
that calls me to attend.
I turn my head 
and wish for ears cupped and turned
like those of my feline friend
drawn by the whoosh and rustle.
Wish instead to ring, not with the clang
of this earthbound voice, but
with a bit of soft twinkling 
like the wind driven chimes calling
me towards Home.                                                                                        

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