In Which I Write like Ann Voskamp

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Life & Faith | 18 comments

Mt. Rainier, WA state, Paradise side
I blame her for this.

I blame her for these can’t-miss tears.  These every-time-I-read-her-posts tears, that dry on my skin and keep me choked up, that blow my world apart and make me want to say, ‘This does not fit.’

This. This world, with its horrors right where I live and merciless children killing
their grandparents in my own backyard and women trapped in slavery down the street from where I live, and children neglected, abandoned, ignored right in my neighborhood.

This does not fit.

And I want to join Ann in her cry of ‘Now, folks!’ ’cause it’s now that we have to do something.

And all I can see and say is, “God, help me get this mixed life of mine set straight soon so I’m not staring at boxes and worrying about rugs and fighting over lamps and shelves.”

Get this project done so my glutted, gloriously, over-abundantly provided for life is set right and it can make a difference where it matters.

So this home with the soft new surfaces can grace some folks with open sore hearts.  
So the shiny floors can be a place for sitting and sobbing, if need be.  
So I can bring the life I have to those who do not.

And it’s overwhelming and I don’t know where to start because there is disorder everywhere and so much out of sorts in every direction.

And I remember this book and crossing over stones and beginning a journey.  

That knowing you need to move and do and go isn’t done by scaling Mt. Everest today or walking to Nairobi overnight, but that it’s done by readying now and steadying now and picking up what’s right in front of you, in your hands, that you have. 

Doing some small thing, heading in the right direction,
lighting the pathway ahead for those who will come.

Pick up your lanterns shedding beams of light.

Pack some bread and become the food.

Fill up your bottle of water to slake their thirst

and just begin. 


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  1. That book is on my To Read list. I love LL. This is a beautiful post.

  2. 'Virtual boxes stacked to the roof'–now I LIKE that metaphor. Father, help us to keep our hands open and upraised so you can hand us what we can handle, amen?

    Thank you for YOUR encouragement, Jen.

  3. This fills me with hope. I feel like I have virtual boxes stacked to the roof and I just don't know where to begin. But, I am learning to give Him the room, and ask Him to hand me the box that we shall unpack together, one at a time.

  4. I love this Jody, it reminds me of a favorite quote of mine; “Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid only of standing still.” I think we are all aware of things in our life that need to be refined and fixed, whether it is a change in attitude, behavior, or a change in our community. The healthiest and most content people are those who are aware of where they fall short and are able to come to God in truth and humility and believe in His ability to help us and to lead us to the aid of others in need.

    Blessings and love!

  5. First, that photo is gorgeous. And it illustrates the point so well. That's how we climb Mt. Everest–one step at a time. I'm grateful for Ann and her beautiful heart for the hurting, also, Jody. She inspires, doesn't she?

  6. Oh, Jody, I so love your passionate heart!

    Praying tonight that God shows me what “small thing” He has for me to do this week… and that I will be obedient and walk in that direction carrying my lantern.

  7. Jody: I love this. I feel your determination and passion here for the oppressed, the marginalized. May it inspire us all to get out of comfy cocoons more often and make a difference.

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by. And the encouragement/confirmation that God does say, too, “stay here a little longer, there's more to gather.” Well put.

  9. I find it so difficult to discern, which small thing to do? When, when does the 'stay' become a 'go,' especially when the resources, the means aren't there to make it. So I wait, and the snow falls (in spring!) and I hear God say, “Stay here a little longer, there's more to gather here before it's time to go.”
    Love your words and, it's funny, I think everyone is trying to write like Ann Voskamp these days:)

  10. Jody- The prose and poetry of this post propels me toward love and good deeds! Thank you, my friend!

  11. Insightful, persuasive writing Jody! With these other sisters above, whom you have inspired, I add my participation–with the gifts and graces God has given me, and his “push” to seize the day and witness what HE can do! Thank you for your encouragement and challenge.

  12. Your words bring comfort and relief to me today as I feel a bit overwhelmed by all I want and need to do, Jody Lee. You are right to encourage the small actions that are so important to scaling that mountain. I'm at the beginning of a long journey, but I know what small things I must do today. Encouraging words here, my friend!

  13. Your determination just surges out of this…woo hoo!

  14. Whew. This is some serious writing, Jody! Love it!!! It's precious seeing inside your heart and how you care more for people than stuff.

    “Just begin” – such true and moving words. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Oh, Brandee, I like that–the Body will be shakin' even if we each move just a little at a time. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. “all our wee bits add up…” I like that. No sermon–just perfect, friend.

  17. Yes, Ma'am. One step at a time because we're all part of the Body, and that Body will be shakin' even if we each move just a little at a time. 🙂

  18. I like this so much, Jody. God does not despise small beginnings and small beginnings are the best way for me … otherwise I get discouraged and give up.

    When I feel overwhelmed it helps me to remember that I don't have to do everything, even if I want to do it. Then plow ahead on my wee little part. Then it becomes fun again.

    All our wee bits add up … and God even multiplies it. He's cool that way!


    ps. end of sermon 🙂


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