Just Because #21

“May God Himself, the God of peace
sanctify you (make you holy)
completely (through and through.)  
May your whole spirit, soul
and body
be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The one who calls you is faithful and 
he will do it.”
I Thessalonians 5:23,24
I spent my birthday day by myself at a little beach north of Seattle,
collecting rocks and shells, as I love to do.
I have a lot of rocks- A LOT.
I am drawn to the smooth, rounded ones of all sizes and colors and
wondered why that was so.
I asked Jesus about it; the thought came to me that
they remind me of HIS work to ‘smooth me out’ and make me holy….
which usually takes a lifetime.
how about you? what do you collect?

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3 thoughts on “Just Because #21

  1. interesting: I often look for rocks when I am spending time with God at a beach….I look for a rock that “speaks” to me – that reminds me of what I learned today. I always date it and write about it in my journal. when I find it later, if it's dated, I know there is something written about it in one of my journals. so I keep it. Sometimes I remember without even looking it up. I also “collect” photos when there is nothing I can pick up or take with me during these times. It's where I get photos for my blog posts. I enjoyed thinking about this.

  2. Interesting point! Most of us DO appreciate things that take time to develop, like your smooth, round rocks. Other examples include: stalagmites and other cave formations, coral, and large trees. We're in a hurry for instant maturation; God seems to enjoy the process as much as the finished product. Thank you for wonderful food for thought, Jody!

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