Keeping in Step with Jesus (Vlog)

In the middle of all that goes into releasing a book and talking about a book and promoting a book**, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters. This entry from Oswald Chambers “My Utmost for His Highest” (October 12th) was encouraging to me; I hope it encourages you. (forgive my cough; of course, as soon as I began to speak, my voice got all scratchy).


**Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas



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4 thoughts on “Keeping in Step with Jesus (Vlog)

  1. Laurie Klein, Scribe

    Brilliant idea to vlog us today. Slow reception at my end (probably our service), yet fitting, considering the message. Lots of pauses for me to tune into the “atmosphere” of Presence.

    I so appreciate how you model creative, affirming efficiency.

    Lifting you up as you navigate all the to-dos, ought-tos, could-dos . . .

  2. Cynde Leaverton

    PS: I haven’t mailed my check yet!!!!!! I cannot figure out what format you messaged me on!!

    Cynde Leaverton

  3. Cynde Leaverton

    “Keeping at it” here in Arizona and California! Having two homes, and loving time at both,
    has a way of being a tremendous blessing as well as a distraction, as a part of my every
    day way of life. (Obviously I’m Not a writer because my punctuation and word placement
    stinks. ). But right now I’m having to put in an extra amount of effort to stay on the main
    thing. God put in my heart, shortly after buying our vacation home on the Colorado River,
    to host a Ladies Retreat there. Over the years I’ve learned to be patient with these type
    of seeds dropped in my heart. According to God’s prompting, now a year later, our church
    ladies will be congregating in Parker,AZ on November 3rd to the 5th!! I am extremely
    excited to see the fruit that this bears for our ladies because life’s business has stolen
    that Sisterhood from our midst. Now my challenge has been to not allow myself to fret,
    over plan and orchestrate this event. So each time (at least once a day lol) I tell God
    that it’s His gathering and His timing so I cannot out plan Him!! This has actually become
    a true faith stretcher for me and I’m loving it!!! So “keeping at it” has become my upper-
    most thought ! God always turns my potential chaos into peace and He is always faithful!
    Thanks Jody for sharing and encouraging.

    Cynde Leaverton

    1. Jody Lee Collins

      Cynde, what an exciting and courageous thing to just step out like that in faith. Boy, do I know what that “giving it up” ten times a day is like! I can’t wait to hear what God does during your retreat!


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