Leafworks {a #poem}

Like the bound bud in the almost

bloomed magnolia, there is life

ready to burst, tight secrets

on the God side buried within

these cool, bright days.

I’m waiting, watching, counting

the sleeps until a quiet

wonder world awakes. Amazed,

I waltz between the longest watch

from each dormant doorway,

through the chill and darkened

mornings to a heart like an open gate.

Ear cupped, poised for my next

birth, I linger for delivery

of the morning’s message–

free and God-breathed–

a silent, green unfurling.


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8 thoughts on “Leafworks {a #poem}

  1. “Tight secrets on the God-side” surely applies to the magnolia buds. Larger and larger they grow for a LONG time before a thin slice of pink along its edge indicates the growing stage will soon transition to the unfurling stage. How do they know when to open–practically in unison?! My son’s magnolia tree is just about there, but 3″ of snow Tuesday night and more to come on Saturday night (3-5″ they say) might stymie the poor things. That’s what happened last year. All the burgeoning buds were turned brown and lifeless by a late blast of winter chill. I hope they survive this spring!

    1. Oh, Nancy, the winter in your neck of the woods has indeed been fickle (and cold!) I hope your son’s magnolia survives, too.

  2. ‘I’m waiting, watching, counting

    the sleeps until a quiet

    wonder world awakes’

    I love this, Jody. A lot. 🙂 ‘counting the sleeps’ is very interesting–makes me think.

    1. Hi Julia, so glad you liked this. “Counting the sleeps” is a phrase my grandkids know well when it comes to passing the time until a birthday or Christmas 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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