Leaving Soon {a #poem}

You point to the air
up there,
wordless yet speaking.
your hands, eyes conveying something.
What do you see?
Are you ready? Yes.
Is it time? Maybe.
Leaning in, you listen.

You hear He’s come for you
but we can neither see nor hear
we’re earthbound, living,
tethered by the doing.
So we chat and move and do and help,
missing the Messenger.

But you see Him;
viewing the Invisible,
Confident He’s calling.
Yes, you’ll be leaving

My father-in-law Ernest Paul Collins passed away on the 4th of July, 2010, his Independence Day. It was a glorious home going.

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  • Sheila

    just stopping back by to say thanks for your comment on my blog and welcome to the pub. If you have any questions or thoughts just let me know. Hate for you to feel overwhelmed….just have fun, K? 😀

  • Leah Johnson

    Beautiful words of Grandpa Paul's passing in 2010 (this is her daughter, I know the story 🙂 I remember reading this awhile back… So happy to see all these new people posting on here, you're getting popular.

  • Grace

    A light touch to a very complex topic…great work ~

    And I hope to be ready myself someday ~

  • Charles Miller

    You've caught clearly the tension between expectation and wonder of a greeting a transcendent joy. Who knows who will be taken and who won't? That crux is a question but also a command to beware judgment – both for oneself and of others. Thank you for bringing your voice the table here.

  • Brian Miller

    great to see you at dverse jody…def a heavy topic…the knowing that time is near…and i think those that are can def see and know as well…but enjoying those last minutes together though sad can def be beautiful…

  • Claudia

    We chat and move and do and help,
    missing the Messenger… this moved me deeply.. hope i'll be ready when he's calling me home..fine write here jody..

  • Manicddaily

    People do have a sense of this at times, something beyond living in their bodies. Well-drawn. K.

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