Made for Praise {a #poem}

the path I walk near our neighborhood   

                  The morning too quiet for sleep
                  You woke me up,
                  Birdsong filling the air,
                     Your Word filling my spirit.

The only sounds—your creation—
Awakened to the new day.
“He’s here! It’s begun!  Wake up!
As your creation, we too praise you,
We cannot do anything else.
Made by you, made for you,
Like the tall trees surrounding,
Towering over us, we lift our hearts,
Our arms, our branches, as your trees planted
By the Living Water.
Father, we come to drink of you.
Fountain of life, spill over,
wash clean, refresh,
Quench our thirst today.
We are awake
To walk
And wonder
And welcome you.


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1 thought on “Made for Praise {a #poem}

  1. Deanna

    Oh, that is such a beautiful poem! Reminds me of my walk, hiking rather, with my husband through lush land filled with tall trees. Being under its canopy as we trailed through was just well, at times to me breath-taking.

    It's a pleasure to visit here through the Soli Deo Gloria community:


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