Magnify……..for the Weekend

Lake Sawyer Sky, Black Diamond WA  July 2012  by the Author
(thank you, Holly)

“Never is God’s omnipotence and omniscience diminuitive.
God is not in need of magnifying by us so small, but the reverse.
It’s our lives that are little and we have falsely inflated self,
and in thanks we decrease and the world returns right.
I say thanks and I swell with Him,
and I swell the world and He stirs me, joy all afoot.”
(From One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp p. 59)


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7 thoughts on “Magnify……..for the Weekend

  1. Wendy @ E1A

    Love the photo… and love what you wrote – beautiful, but especially love what you said, i.e. “Lake Sawyer Sky, Black Diamond WA July 2012 by the Author” Love the bitty “by the Author”!

  2. Stefanie Brown

    Hi! I'm your neighbor at Still Saturday…

    Beautiful words!
    Have a blessed weekend…

  3. caryjo

    Love the photo!!! Had never heard of Black Diamond. I looked it up and it's not that far from my Sea-Tac area. Hmm! Maybe taking a side ride to see it would be a good thing.


  4. Jen Ferguson

    This resonates me and with what I read in Louis Giglio's book, i am not but i know I AM.

  5. Donna

    Dear Jody,
    I received an email from “you” requesting help. It does not look as though you are in Spain. Please let me know if you are indeed okay. I lifted you in prayer.


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